Who are we?

Who are we?

The House of Mary, Our Lady of the Poor, is a space that was consecrated by the Virgin Mary herself on February 9, 2017, through the visionary of the Grace Mercy Order, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.

The House is located in the city of Carmo de Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and this house is the headquarters of the Children of Mary, praying devotees consecrated to Her Maternal Heart.

Prayer is the main spiritual mission of the House of Mary, Our Lady of the Poor. It is a cenacle of the Divine Mother, it is a home for all the Children of Mary, and its goal is to radiate the light of the Immaculate Heart to the whole planet.

In this way, the House has a daily rhythm of prayer, which includes the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the prayer of the mystery of the rosary, through the Praying for Peace in the Nations channel.

One of the activities that the Children of Mary carry out, and which is promoted by the House, are the visits throughout the humble neighborhoods of Carmo da Cachoeira to pray with families.  This also invites them to participate in the study meetings at The House of Mary, Our Lady of the Poor. The people have responded with great joy and receptivity to the ecumenical prayer of the heart for all families in the world. They have learned how to pray together and to set up their own prayer rooms or spaces within their homes.

At the House of Mary, Our Lady of the Poor also operates the headquarters of ecological prayer groups of Rosaries of Light, another opportunity to meet people in prayer.

The activities of the House are free and open to everybody, without distinction, and are supported by the voluntary and loving work of the Children of Mary and by the many pilgrims who feel in their hearts to help the Blessed Virgin to reach more people.

The House is integrated into the work of the Marian Center of Figueira, a place of prayer and peace located in the rural area of ​​Carmo de Cachoeira, as well as being integrated into Casa Luz da Colina through assistance services. All activities are carried out by the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation - FFHI.

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