Welcomer: A soul at the service of Love

Welcoming pilgrims is one of the missions of this ecumenical work. The welcome represents an extension of the Heart of our Divine Mother, since She relies on Her children to receive the souls who arrive at the Marian Centers, the prayer groups and the Pilgrimage for Peace meetings.

The welcomer is a being who offers to supply the needs of others at all times, especially in prayer meetings. The welcomer offers to be the bridge between the sacred and the presented need.

To better express the essence of a welcomer, a Daughter of Mary shares:

A welcoming soul is always at the disposal of the Divine Plan. Their connection with the angels and the heart allows them to receive the signs that show the correct conduct. In some moments you must act, in others, you must sustain in silence, and your presence will do the necessary work. Their action is driven by obedience and respect for Divinity.”

The primordial principle of a welcomer corresponds to the fourth Beatitude of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph: “Live eternally the aspiration to serve.

The main attributes of welcoming are hospitality, cordiality, availability, humility and neutrality.

In prayer meetings, welcomers wear a uniform that identifies them: yellow vest, navy- blue scarf and name tag, and are under the coordination of the House of Our Lady of The Poor.

If you have the aspiration to become a welcomer, learn more about this important task by writing to: acolhimento.nspobres@associacaomaria.org

Welcoming pilgrims should be, children, like receiving Christ at the doors of your homes.

Message of the Virgin Mary, 4/25/2018