The House of Our Lady of The Poor has the mission of bringing the Light and Love of the Holy Virgin to all hearts. The activities, general maintenance and fulfillment of Our Lady's requests are possible through spontaneous donations. All resources are highly valued and are used carefully to meet the needs of the House.

Collaborate with this Work of Peace of the Virgin Mary!

Learn about the current needs:

Manifestation of the Grotto with the image of Our Lady of Graces

This grotto will be built on the land behind the House of Our Lady of The Poor. The Divine Mother called this space as "Harmony Forest", where pilgrims will be able to be in silence and in contemplation, to unite with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The project is in the fundraising phase for the purchase of the land. The necessary amount is R $ 30 thousand. Information to support this request is at the bottom of this page.

Maintenance of the activities of the House of Our Lady of The Poor

Currently, the House develops and supports the following activities: consecration of the Children of Mary, organization and stock of Celestial Clothing (clothing of consecrated Children of Mary), manifestation and distribution of Sacred Objects, accompaniment of the Rosaries of Light prayer groups, Reception of Pilgrims, Prayer with the families of Carmo da Cachoeira and participation in the Prayer for Peace in the Nations; in addition to maintaining the functioning of the House of Mary, Celestial Mantle.

The House of Mary, Celestial Mantle is designated for the lodging of collaborators of the Work of the Divine Messengers, who offer themselves for an experience of group life, following the principles of fraternal coexistence.

“Dear children, so that My Call and My Maternal Voice may be able to ignite more hearts that are in darkness, I need from each one of you a sincere and humble collaboration so that My Plans may continue in the different nations.” Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 25 de junho de 2012.

You can make donations in the following ways:

1- Credit card

In this modality, collaboration can be punctual or frequent.

 (*) select option House of Our Lady of the Poor

2- Deposits in Brazil:

Itaú Bank (code 341) | Agency 3204 | Account 10381-0

Brasil Bank (code 001) | Agency 0012-4 | Account 77262-3

Company: Associação Maria Mãe da Divina Concepção

CNPJ 17.695.786 / 0001-01

3- Deposits Abroad:

• International Postal Order (at Mail post offices, on behalf of Associação Maria).

In the case of International Postal Order, please inform about the donation by email:

• Itaú Bank (code 341) | Agency: 3204 | Account: 10381-0

SWIFT code: ITAUBRSP / IBAN code: BR14 6070 1190 0320 4000 0103 810C 1

Address: Rua Presidente Antônio Carlos, 375, sala 3, Centro - Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

4- Collaborating Book for Sacred Objects

In order to donate through this modality, or to find out more information, contact us:  | +55 (35) 99884-0987

Address: Rua Presidente Antônio Carlos, 375, sala 3, Centro - Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Thank you very much indeed for your cooperation!

We ask that all donations be communicated via email or WhatsApp for accurate handling.