Icon of Our Lady of the Poor

The History of the Virgin of the Poor

At the beginning of 1933, in the small village of Banneux, Belgium, Mariette Becco, a 12-year-old daughter of a poor immigrant family, witnessed eight Apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

In the first of them, Mariette saw in the garden a beautiful, luminous lady, standing still. She had her hands together and her head bowed; she had the rosary dangling from her right arm and a golden rose on her bare right foot; she wore a blue sash and a white robe, similar to those of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Three days later, the luminous Lady appeared again and, guiding the girl to a fountain, She said to her: “Put your hands in the water. This fountain is reserved for Me”, and She said goodbye.

On January 19, 1933, Our Lady introduced herself again, and Mariette asked her: "Who are you, beautiful Lady?" She replied: "I am the Virgin of the Poor". The little one asked: "Why did you say yesterday that this fountain is reserved for you?" She smiled and explained: "This fountain is reserved for all nations, to restore, to help the sick."

A day later, on January 20, the Virgin Mary asked for a chapel. The following month, on February 11th, 75 years after the first apparition of the Most Holy Mary in Lourdes, France, while little Mariette was praying the rosary, Our Lady appeared, guided her to the fountain and said: “I have come to relieve suffering. ”

On the sixth apparition, the local parish priest asked the Virgin Mary for a sign. And Our Lady, smiling, said: "Believe in Me, and I will believe in you", She then left a secret to the visionary, recommending her to pray a lot.

On March 2, 1934, while Mariette was praying the rosary, Our Lady appeared, taking her back to that fountain. At this time, The Most Holy Mary had a serious look in Her eyes, and without smiling She said: “I am the Mother of the Savior, the Mother of God. Pray a lot”. Then She blessed the girl with the sign of the cross and said goodbye.

These Apparitions in Banneux, Belgium, were recognized as authentic, and a small church was built in the place  where the fountain was, as a symbol of poverty. The veneration of the Virgin of the Poor continues, and brings many graces and conversions.

Our Lady of the Poor close to Her children

80 years after these Apparitions, the Divine Mother again chose the Face of Our Lady of the Poor to be close to Her children. Since 2007, She has presented herself to the visionary Friar Elias of the Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, a monk of the Grace Mercy Order, a Christian, autonomous and ecumenical order, without formal ties to any established religion.

Through these apparitions, The Most Holy Mary built an ecumenical  Work based on prayer, selfless service and union with nature. This Work has been developed through voluntary collaboration, and is open to all who feel  the call of the Immaculate Heart.

The presence of Our Lady today is an immeasurable grace. She has been transmitting messages of peace to all humanity, with the goal of teaching us to pray and prepare for the return of Her Son, Christ Jesus.

Among so many gifts received, the Most Holy Mary gives a special blessing to all hearts that want to consecrate themselves to Her. In this consecration, the soul commits itself to Our Lady, assuming to be called "Child of Mary", the one who carry a torch of peace, exercises the prayer of the heart and is a peacemaker

For all of Her children in the world, the Blessed Virgin founded the House of Mary, Our Lady of the Poor, in the city of Carmo de Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Prayer and service are the mission of the House. There, the Children of Mary and the devotees of Her Immaculate Heart gather to pray and praise God, and this is an important prayerful service, which radiates to the world the Peace, Light and Love of the Virgin Mary.

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