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Prayer for Peace in the Nations

Prayer is the path that the Most Holy Mary indicates to Her children so that She can intercede for all peoples and the situations that occur worldwide. Said from the heart, a prayer echoes throughout the spaces and embraces the whole planet.

But to receive divine help, humanity must do its part. So the Virgin Mary has invited us to pray a Mystery of the Rosary for peace in the world through the Internet. She called this spiritual exercise “Praying for Peace in the Nations”.

The prayers are broadcast live through the Internet, open to all  and free of charge. Monastics of the Grace Mercy Order, Children of Mary and pilgrims from different countries participate and, along with the praying word, songs of praise are also offered.

In the Prayer for Peace in the Nations, we pray for various nations of the world, as well as for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the indigenous consciousness, for the youth, for the unborn, for families and for other important causes.

Many people participate in the transmissions, praying from different regions of the planet and while connected simultaneously, they form a great army of prayer for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Get to know our prayer calendar and participate in Praying for Peace in the Nations!

Rosaries of Light

The Virgin Mary, through the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, has also requested the creation of the Rosaries of Light.

The Rosaries of Light are ecumenical prayer groups that, through the Holy Rosary, represent the first beads of light from the great Rosary of Mary to embrace the world.

Each group of the Rosary of Light chooses an attribute of the Universal Mother, a Face of The Most Holy Mary, that will be a fundamental keypoint that will guide their prayers. Each group also receives an image of Our Lady, in one of Her advocations, with a rosary to add a bead to each time that a rosary is completed. Upon completion of all beads of the image, it will be placed at the feet of the Virgin Mary so that She may bless it during one of Her Apparitions. These blessed images can be gifted to someone so that the Most Holy Mary may continue to radiate Her Peace and Her Love to souls.

Through the opening of hearts, the Rosary of Light began to expand, and new prayer groups were formed in various countries, under the constant impulse and guidance of the Virgin Mary. From July 2017 to the end of 2019, 423 new ecumenical prayer groups were formed, representing the pillars of light of Our Lady for our planet, which is so much in need.

Holy Mary unified these important spiritual exercises, the Prayer for Peace in the Nations and the Rosaries of Light, through a special request, in May 2019. She requested the creation of the Prayer for Peace in the Families of the World, a mystery of the rosary transmitted by the channel of Praying for Peace in the Nations, so that all groups of the Rosary of Light may participate.

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