“Act of Consecration”

Prayer, when done with love and sincerity, transforms us. And when we change, we can change the world around us.

Our Lady teaches us to tread, together with Her,  the path of return to God through the prayer that comes from the heart. Through Her messages to the visionary monks of the Grace Mercy Order, She also transmits prayers that stimulate us to elevate our souls.

We invite everyone to experience for themselves the power of prayer through the following spiritual exercise. Good praying work to all!


Act of Consecration to the Divine Heart of the Celestial Mother

Dear Celestial Mother,
today I consecrate myself to Your Divine Heart,
and I give You my little heart
and my patient soul
so that, in Your Glorious Kingdom of Peace,
I may find strength to walk through life,
love for my consciousness,
surrender to my offering,
forgiveness for the past,
redemption for what I still must transcend
and mercy for this world.

I am united to You
Merciful Mother,
in this mission of Peace
for my kindred souls.

I am close to Your Heart,
Divine Conception of the Trinity.

May Your Will invade my soul
so that it may recognize the Divine Call.

Convert my heart
into Your Sacred Flame of Peace
so that in this consecration
my prayers may be raised to Heaven.

In humility and reverence,
I ask that You hear me,
Mother of Peace,
so that You,
who allows us to be born again like the morning;
You, who is the Messenger Bird;
You, who invades our heart
with Your Immaculate Love;
may teach us to live in the purity,
compassion and absolute love
that Your Son, the Redeemer,
entirely radiates to us.

Blessed are You, Bird of the Sun;
sow in each soul the seed of forgiveness
so that, enveloped by Your maternal mantle,
Your sublime eyes of Peace and Love
may illuminate the path of renunciation
that we must pass through.

In Your loving
and prodigious example,
we see humility emerge.

In Your Grace and in Your Mercy,
we see the manifestation of the Love of God.

Keep in Your Heart,
Sacred Mother of Love,
all our faults,
so that in the return of Your Son,
we may see the new world be born.

May the Holy Spirit
that comes from You,
Mother of Peace,
be the shield that protects us,
as the prayer that shelters us.


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