What is to be a Child of Mary?

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What is to be a Child of Mary?

To be a Child of Mary is to be a part of a spiritual work dedicated to prayer, service and charity, making a commitment to be a peacemaker in every action of life, under the protection and guidance of the Most Holy Mary.

Since 2007, the Virgin Mary has been appearing to the visionary monastics of the Grace Mercy Order. She first revealed Her face as Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, and later She presented herself as Mary, Rose of Peace. Through prayer meetings, the Most Holy Mary makes public Apparitions in various countries of the world, transmitting Her message of peace for all of humanity. During these meetings, the Virgin Mary Herself invites Her children to consecrate themselves to Her, as Children of Mary.

A Child of Mary makes a spiritual commitment to help Our Lady manifest Her Plans of Peace in the world, through daily prayer, contemplation of the mysteries of the rosary, service and a true inner change made from the heart, which will make them an awakened being, aware of the needs of their fellow beings and of the planet.

The Children of Mary receive the grace of wearing a small piece of the Mantle of the Most Holy Virgin, represented by a sky-blue t-shirt, and they assume seven principles for their consecration.

The commitment to consecrate oneself is to send a response to the Universe that we want a different world: we want peace, love and fraternity to reign in the hearts of all human beings! The act of consecrating is our "yes".

Association Mary, a Christian and ecumenical religious association, founded at the request of Our Lady, is the institution that supports all consecrated Children of Mary. There are currently more than 3,500 Children of Mary throughout more than 30 nations.

The Children of Mary collaborate in the diffusion of the instructions transmitted by the Divine Messengers - the Virgin Mary, Christ Jesus and the Most Chaste Saint Joseph - and assume the creation and sustenance of prayer groups, participate and support ecumenical prayer meetings, both in the Pilgrimage for Peace and in the Marian Centers.

And the Children of Mary also have their own home! Find out about the House of Mary, Our Lady of the Poor, located in the city of Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.


“I put My Mantle upon you and ask you to wear it in the most difficult moment and, even when the world is afraid to proclaim its faith, may you keep My Mantle upon your bodies. It will protect you, sanctify you and bring peace to the whole Universe. ”
Virgin Mary, November 25, 2015.