About the consecration

The Seven Principles of Consecration

The Seven Principles of Consecration for the Children of Mary were transmitted by Our Lady to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. They represent internal commitments to guide the daily life of each of Her children.

As we work in the daily consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, She will be able to intercede for humanity in these times.

The Children of Mary assume to live, with the heart, the seven following principles:

1 - To have a  life of prayer.
2 - To be a peacemaker.
3 - To commune with Christ daily.
4 -To perform an act of mercy each day, whether serving those in need, taking care of the sick, assisting those in prison or helping those lost by drugs.
5 -To pray a mystery of the Holy Rosary for peace.
6- To confess faults regularly to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to a priest or in deep solitude.
7 -To welcome a pilgrim, giving them a place of rest and lodging.

Our Lady reveals to us: "These seven principles were taught to the eleven apostles after the Assumption of their Heavenly Mother. It was the merciful legacy that Mary left for them, to live the apostolate of Christ".
Daily message from Mary, Rose of Peace, April 21, 2016.

How to consecrate yourself as a Child of Mary?

To all those who feel this call in their hearts to serve our Celestial Mother, we ask that they contact the secretary of the Children of Mary.

On the day of each public Apparition of the Virgin Mary, a meeting is held in the same place, in which the members of the Grace Mercy Order explain more deeply what it is to be a Child of Mary. And thus, hearts are prepared to live that moment.

The meetings take place two hours before the prayer meeting begins.

+55 (35) 9 9934-3291 / +55 (35) 9 9837-4465

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