The History of the Pilgrim Virgins

Vírgenes Peregrinas

The History of the Pilgrim Virgins

The first pilgrim virgin was consecrated by The Most Holy Mary in 2013, in one of Her Apparitions in the city of São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil. The image chosen was Our Lady of Fatima, and her mission was to pilgrimage through the Southern Region of Brazil.

When this image of Our Lady of Fatima ended, the entire region requested by the Virgin Mary, our Mother, indicated a new itinerary. The pilgrim then arrived in Paraguay, Ecuador and Colombia. It went up to Central America, lighting up the hearts in Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Mexico. Later, it returned to Paraguay and continued its steps of love into Chile, Peru and, again, to Colombia. Currently, the image has returned to Brazil but will continue its pilgrimage in the near future to Angola, Africa.

The second pilgrim virgin consecrated by Most Holy Mary was an image of Our Lady of Coromoto, patron saint of Venezuela, in the month of April 2014. To this image, She gave the mission to travel throughout Venezuela. Since then, Our Lady has continued on a pilgrimage throughout this Caribbean country, while safeguarded by the Children of Mary.

The next image blessed by the Virgin Mary was Our Lady of Guadalupe, in May 2014. To the image was given the task of going throughout Europe and filling European hearts with Her Light. The Children of Mary of that region organized themselves to receive her and, since then, the pilgrim has visited several nations, offering her love and peace.

In August 2014, Virgin Mary blessed another image of the advocacy of Our Lady of Guadalupe to make a pilgrimage through the United States. After going through many states and blessing hearts in need of Her Love, the Virgin Mary requested that the image leave that country for the south of the American continent, for Argentina. After a year full of graces and joyful hearts, Our Lady of Guadalupe followed her path of light to Central America, where she is currently on a pilgrimage.

In one of Her Apparitions in November 2014, the Most Holy Mary consecrated another image of Our Lady of Fatima, to which she gave the mission of traveling throughout Argentina. Argentine hearts opened with great love to receive Her and, up until March 2017, Maria was there. At that moment, the Virgin Mary appointed another mission for this image: to travel to the United States of America. The pilgrim traveled there and currently continues to bless American hearts.

The following pilgrim virgin was consecrated by Most Holy Mary in December 2014; on that occasion, Our Lady chose the face of the Virgin of Cuapa to travel through Nicaragua. Since then, the pilgrim image has continued to fill the Nicaraguan hearts with her peace and, through them, the whole of Central America.

In April 2015, the Virgin Mary, our Queen, consecrated a new pilgrim image; this time, the advocacy chosen was Our Lady of Carmo to bring Her Light to all Chilean hearts. This image is currently traveling throughout Chile, supporting the Andean nation in the silence of Her Love.

The following pilgrim image consecrated by the Mother of God was the advocacy of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá, patron saint of Colombia, in October 2015. To this image, Mother Mary marked the mission of pilgrimage for Her beloved Colombia and also to travel through Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. In 2018, the image received the task of blessing in Her loving passage the Nation of Ecuador.

In order to continue filling more hearts with Her Light, the Blessed Virgin, in December 2015, during one of Her Apparitions, consecrated the pilgrim image with the advocacy of the Virgin of the Thirty-Three to travel through Uruguay. Since then, this pilgrim has been in the lands of  Uruguay, illuminating many homes with Her Light and blessing many souls.

In early 2016, the Virgin Mary consecrated two more pilgrims: another image of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá to bless Colombia and a pilgrim image with the advocacy of Our Lady of Quito, who since February of that year has traveled throughout Ecuador on pilgrimage and gladdening many hearts.

The following pilgrim blessed by the Virgin Mary was the image of Our Lady of Aparecida, patron saint of Brazil, in April 2016. This image received the mission of pilgrimage to various regions of the country: Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso, Brasília, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, North and Northeast. This pilgrim is currently traveling through the state of Minas Gerais, and will go with the Children of Mary to the Brazilian cities of São Carlos and São Paulo.

In September 2018, during the Pilgrimage for Peace held in the south of Argentina, Virgin Mary handed over another pearl from Her Heart: a new pilgrim to protect the whole nation spiritually! The chosen advocacy was the patron saint of that country: Our Lady of Luján. The prayer groups quickly made themselves available to help our Mother so that She would travel through the provinces and leave Her eternal Light for all souls. This image is currently going through northern Argentina.

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